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A bull-nose verandah with heritage balustrade, designed to match the original building design.

Adding a Pergola to your house/flat/unit:

A pergola is usually described as an outdoor structure without a solid roof.  They are often covered with vines or climbing roses, but often pergolas are covered with shade-cloth.  

Often verandahs or patios are described as pergolas when they have polycarbonate roofing.   Polycarb sheets have come a long way in recent years.  It is now possible to use solar control type sheets which allow plenty of light in, whilst remaining cool underneath. 

A pergola can be a beautiful addition to your garden, either attached to your house or free standing.   The pergola styles can vary from a simple flat roof design to very complex pitched roof designs.   The main thing is to design the pergola so that it will complement and enhance the value of your property while providing you with a lovely area in which to relax or to entertain.   You can see a great variety of pergola roof designs at

The type of frame used for a pergola may vary according to the style.  Timber frames are the most popular.  There is something special about a timber gazebo that feels good.  Perhaps it's that natural look with the knots and all?   The timber frame seems to blend well with the garden and surrounding trees. 

Aluminium frame pergolas are experiencing a dramatic increase in popularity.  In the past an aluminum pergola would have been an expensive option, but the price of aluminium has remained quiet stable in recent years making it an extremely attractive option.   An aluminium framed pergola looks very similar to a timber frame gazebo, except the beams are powder-coated and have very straight edges.  There is no maintenance required for aluminium structures as they will not rust.

When planning your pergola, take into account the weight of the plants (when they are fully grown) the pergola will have to support.   Sometime in the future you may also wish to support a hammock or a swinging chair under the pergola, so ensure that your design will be able to incorporate such things. 

Mr Carports Outdoor Living Designs has a great reputation for designing and building quality pergolas at realistic prices.   They also build carports, verandahs, patios, decks, gazebos and pool enclosures.   With branches around Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane they would be a great choice to help you with the design and construction of your project.   Mr Carports Outdoor Living Designs will organize the council approvals and you can feel confident with their ten year guarantee.

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