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A bull-nose verandah with heritage balustrade, designed to match the original building design.


A well designed verandah or patio can make a great improvement to your lifestyle, not only providing protection from the elements, but giving you a wonderful getaway for you to spend your free time in. An attractive, well built verandah will invariably add value to your house, usually by far more than the original cost of the verandah.

The terminology varies from state to state, and veranda can be spelt with or without the "h", i.e. verandah or veranda. In NSW and Queensland they are usually referred to as a patio.

Essentially we are talking about a roofing system attached to your house to provide shelter and shade. The style may be either a flat roof or skillion roof, gable roof, dutch gable or hip roof.

A verandah or patio does not necessarily require purlins or battens to support the sheets. Long spanning sheets can span several metres without support. Generally however, it is more appropriate to build a solid framework for the veranda if anyone is going to be walking on the roof to clean gutters or to retrieve a ball or kite.

The type of frame used may vary according to the style of the verandah, whether it is a flat roof or skillion roof style or gable roof style. A timber frame verandah or patio with with either a Colorbond steel roof or a tiled roof has always been the most popular, however, steel framed verandahs have been very popular in recent years. With the increasing cost of steel, timber carports are often better value for money.

There is something about a timber carport that feels good. Perhaps it's that natural look with the knots and all? The timber seems to blend well with the garden and surrounding trees.

Although there is a bit of effort required for initially painting a timber carport, a good paint job will usually last for well over 10 years. Most builders can arrange for the carport frame to be painted if required.

Aluminium frame carports are experiencing a dramatic increase in popularity. In the past an aluminum carport would have been an expensive option, but the price of aluminium has remained quiet stable in recent years making it an extremely attractive option.

Although the verandah or patio usually has a steel colorbond roof, or a tiled roof, high quality polycarbonate sheeting is becoming very popular nowadays. Polycarb sheets have come a long way in recent years. It is now possible to use solar control type sheets which allow plenty of light in, whilst remaining cool underneath.

There is a great variety of veranda or patio roof designs available, from a simple flat roof or skillion roof to gable roof, dutch gable, hip roofs, etc. You can see a great variety of roof designs at

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